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Name: Zorica Stevanović
Date of birth: 11th May 1960
Place of birth: Belgrade


  • 1995: Bar examination.
  • 1995: Stock brokerage examination and awarded the title: Securities Broker
  • 1982: Registered post graduate studies majoring in international law. I have passed my oral post graduate examination.
  • 1978–1982: Law School, University of Belgrade.
  • 1974–1978: Eighth Belgrade Lyceum, in Belgrade, in a bilingual class. I received awards for my excellent grades in natural sciences and for my participation in various competitions.
  • 1966–1974: Grammar School “Slobodan Princip-Seljo” in Belgrade, in an experimental bilingual French-Serbian class. I received a special award for excellent results achieved during all 8 years.

Employment History:

  • July 2006: Inscription with the Bar Chamber of Belgrade and registration as Attorney at Law. The biggest project so far: merger of three domestic banks, whereby the majority shareholder is a foreign bank. Role in the project: I provided legal advice to the Client regarding merger procedure, organisational merger, domestic legislation etc.
    As legal advisor, I provide legal consultation to clients on a wide scale of issues, mostly related to finances, especially securities, financial market, trading and take over bid procedure, banking law, corporate law and labour law. My everyday activities comprise drafting of agreements, providing legal survey on a wide range of issues, preparing legal opinion on subjects required by clients, answering of questionnaires for potential foreign investors in respect of Serbian legislation regulating investments and company incorporation, consultancy on issues regarding organisation, work and decision making process of management bodies of banks or companies. For banks, as clients, I advise and supervise a full range of agreements, bylaws, rule books, compliance issues, and labour issues. Due to my extensive years experience in the banking and securities’ market sector, I can provide highly qualified expertise on practically all legal issues related to banking operations.
  • May 2004 – June 2006: co-owner of the consultancy agency “Belgrade Business Consultants” and legal consultant. Main projects: legal due diligence of 5 domestic banks for a foreign Client; consultancy to a foreign bank client, regarding the acquisition of three domestic banks; consultancy to one international organisation regarding investment in Serbia (as an external consultant to an international Law Office). Also, I was tax representative for several foreign legal entities.
  • 15th January 2002: Head of the Investment Banking Department in National Savings Bank, Belgrade. Department consisted of 3 units: trading unit, custody unit and capital management unit. Two projects I was working on were interesting: I) Project of frozen foreign currency savings bonds trading, II) establishing of custody activities. Custody was a completely new banking service in Serbia, introduced by Law on Financial Market in November 2003.
  • 1st February 2000: Senior Stock Broker at “Jugobroker” Joint-Stock Brokerage and Dealing Company, Belgrade. The main task was consultancy of firms in privatisation process and restructuring of firms.
  • 1st February 1999 – 31st January 2000: General Manager of "VobDIL" Joint-Stock Brokerage and Dealing Company, Novi Sad.
  • 1st May 1992: Transfer to Vojvodjanska Banka A.D., Main Branch in Belgrade. At first I worked in the Treasury Department on all tasks occurring and later I took over the jobs relating to securities. After I received my brokerage licence (1995) I was authorised to represent my bank as broker/dealer at the Belgrade Stock Exchange.
  • 1st August 1985: My first employment as apprentice banker at Jugobanka Udružena Banka (presently: Jugobanka A.D.) Belgrade, in the Retail Banking Promotion Department. Two years later I transferred to Human Resource where I performed all legal tasks (ranging from hiring procedures to advanced education). In Yugoslavia in late 1989 the transformation of banks to joint-stock companies was initiated. I was involved in this process from the very beginning. At first I was involved in the setting up of the organisational structure of the Securities Department and later as an employee of this department. Together with my colleagues I was working on my Bank’s first issues of shares and treasury bills, as well as on all other jobs dealing with securities.

Further Education:

  • 28th May 1990 – 2nd June 1990: Course on innovations ”Money and Capital Markets” at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.
  • 1990–1991: Specialist studies of Money and Capital Markets at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.
  • January 1991 – February 1991: Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd., Tokyo and Daiwa Europe Ltd., London, sponsored a 5 week London based training programme for representatives of the financial sector in Eastern Europe. The programme was devised to provide an introduction to the City and to international financial business. The courses consisted of:
    • Introduction to Financial Markets
    • Accounting, Balance Sheet Analysis and Credit Analysis
    • Project Finance Techniques and Sources
    • Corporate Finance and Venture Capital
    • Privatisation
    • Capital Markets: Domestic and Euro
    • Multilateral Organisation: EBRD, World Bank, IFC
    • The Corporate Treasurer, Function and Approach
  • 6th June – 8th June 1994: Course “Financial Markets and Instruments” in Novi Sad
  • 29th January – 31st January 1997: Course “Trading with Futures and Organisation of the Belgrade Stock Exchange”
  • 1st December – 4th December 1997: Training Course “International Risk Management”, in Belgrade, organised by Euromoney
  • 19th March – 23rd March, 2001: Business Training for BSE Members, organised by Belgrade Stock Exchange and Athens Stock Exchange SA and Support House of Capital Market SA
  • June 2002, June 2003: one week course organised by CISEF – Faculty of Economy, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Main topics: ALCO, Treasury, FX Market, securities, risk analysis.
  • 2004: Project: Introduction of Private Pension Funds in Serbia, in cooperation with Bearing Point and the Serbian Banking Association.
  • 2006: Various seminars, conferences, round tables on legal issues, promotion of new laws or amendments to laws.

Foreign Languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Serbian (mother tongue)

Additional engagement:

In addition to my regular work, I was lecturer at a training course “Investment and Securities Analysis”, attended by more than 200 financial experts. I wrote articles for trade magazines (“Stock Exchange”, published by Money and Capital Market, “Money Matters”, etc.). The articles encompassed among others topics "London Stock Exchange”, “Tokyo Stock Exchange”, “Chicago Commodity Exchange”, “Risks in Securities Business” and “Banking in Great Britain”. I also presented my papers in co-operation with my colleague and co-author at the Annual Meetings of Economists (Role of banks at the securities market in the light of the announced legislative changes; Standardisation in securities trading; Financial derivative at the developing markets; Role of the retail sector in securities trading; Yugoslav Brokerage Association, a contribution towards an autonomous regulation of relations.

I am a member of the Association of Business Women in Serbia.

Personal Interests:

Environmental protection, in particular endangered species protection. Great lover of dogs and cats.

I am interested in music, dance and literature. I am passionate about walking in the countryside.